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2 cornish tiddlers in handmade fish costumes copy.jpg
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Stitched recycled words by Ruth Proudfoot Smith_art.png

I have lived in Cornwall for nearly thirty years, inspired by its striking landscape and the wildlife. 

Here you can see my children at our local Tintagel Festival parade. They were the happy winners - as two fishy tins of 'Cornish Tiddlers.' I created homemade giant Pilchard tins out of cardboard and the 'fish heads' from soft plastics and general household waste. It worked out really well - and much fun was had by all.

I have always been a creative soul. Surrounded by books and illustrations in my childhood, I was often found drawing and making from an early age.  I've been so lucky to have been a creative practitioner, working in several different primary and secondary schools over the years. This has enabled me to be involved with local artists, creating prints, sculptures, digital art and textile work.

Since graduating, links via my teaching projects have meant I have been able to follow creative ideas and work within the local Cornish community.

Stitching and printing have been primary interests. I have completed several private commissions where I have been asked to stitch words and use packaging which links to the client. 

Plastic bags, sweet wrappers, waste materials, old books and textiles have all featured in my work over the years. My iron and my sewing machine work together in creating multi-layered pieces. 

I am interested in re-purposing unwanted materials to make bespoke pieces of art. I love the idea of layering up something beautiful from undesired waste - a positive out of something negative - that also reflects the beautiful Cornish surroundings. 

All my creatures and scenes are inspired directly from the animals and landscape around me.

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